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Anonymous, Atlanta, GA:

I enjoyed my session very much and noticed people treating me very differently later that day. I felt soft and open. It was amazing and I think I'd like to do more privately with you.

Mary, Atlanta, GA:

Thank you for your help in my healing. The Family Constellations work you directed and which focused on my issue was powerful, and I immediately experienced some revelations that caused me to think differently about a very painful situation that happened two years ago in my family. Your healing session dramatically portrayed before my eyes, literally, a reality I hadn't and wouldn't have considered, which changed my perspective. I immediately wanted to take action to heal my part in the situation, which I did and will continue to do. Healing takes time, and Chuck's intercession with the other participants I see as an integral part of my healing process from intense grief and pain. Because of this work, I have benefitted from new perceptions and see them as tools not only for helping me to accept a new reality, but also to aid me in creating a better reality which heals the breach and empowers reconnecting with family members in better, happier, healthier, and more authentic ways for all concerned. Heartfelt thank you!

Krista Vinkemulder, Holistic Health Consultant, Atlanta, GA:

My experience with Constellations work is still informing my sense of who I am in a new way. It was enlightening, respectful and quite powerful. Where we are, truly, in our family 'constellation' is not always consciously known. This work brings things to light that previously were hidden from awareness. It does so in a gentle, supportive way. There are repercussions in our present day lives that remain unacknowledged but affect us. Doing this work helped me make sense of some family dynamics I wasn't even fully aware were causing me stress. It is worth attending.

M. E., Asheville NC:

In the weeks and months following my Constellation, I had a feeling of openness, a sense of freedom, and a capacity for movement I had not experienced prior to the Constellation. There had been a frozen place. The work we did shifted the collapsed place I had. I felt a restoration to resilience I had not had. It impacts the rest of my life. Now I see other places in my life that may be stuck, and now I know that these things can also shift. The work I did gave me that experience that things can have a rapid shift, and a return to resiliency in my nervous system, so I could move forward with a sense of hope and the knowledge that those shifts can occur again and again. I have the hope that change is possible. And I saw that it wasn't just about my current life. I could breathe in my office, and I went back to my office and didn't feel stuck any more.

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

The constellation you guys did with me was truly remarkable. I am deeply grateful. I am also having a hard time finding words. I do feel that what has been happening in my family life since the constellation is different. I believe there was some true, deep healing of pain that has gone unaddressed in the family.

Martha, Atlanta GA:

My personal experience with the workshop was way more than expected. As a representative I found a deeper understanding and acceptance into my own unresolved issue. Thank you for the experience. It was meaningful, emotionally productive and spiritual!

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

The work done was powerful; I slept deeply for the next few days. I know I have connected with and unmasked a painful and closely held family secret which set, in large part, the direction of the lives of three generations of women, and adversely affected the lives of their respective communities. A blunting, a stuckness-in place for a long time, has budged. I continue to hear from my grandmother's family members, and the most unexpected phenomenon is that the true patriarch of the family, her father, has joined me. This presence is overwhelmingly strong. Heart opening. It is as if he is grateful that this wounding is being healed. As her father, his sense of powerlessness is assuaged. A week later, I am still experiencing the healing warmth. Deep bow.

Judy, Colorado:

As far as my experience doing the constellation with you, I want to thank you for the safety you created, how you went very slowly and really let the process unfold organically.

Steven, Atlanta GA:

I had never considered that I might be loved that much by my mom... In the real world, I have never imagined that to be possible. I know my Mom cares for me, but she never expresses it quite that way. It was like having the love beamed directly into my soul. It is a memory I am using to open new doors with my relationship with my Mom... I was also moved beyond any place I could have imagined when I was the representative for G's father. I felt so much pride for him as my son and yet that was not unfamiliar. I feel the same way about my own son. However, when he knelt down to honor me as his Dad, it was an entirely different story. It was hard to let in that level of honoring, but it was deeply moving. I felt lifted to a place I have never been. Another memory to cherish and live into.

Vanessa Arnold, Dubai UAE:

I am so glad that I chose to attend a Family Constellations workshop, and that Chuck was the facilitator. His intuition and ability to identify underlying issues were spot on. He also did an absolutely brilliant job of providing a safe space, and staying centred in the midst of all the emotions that were being expressed. May the healing continue to unfold and benefit everyone.

Tamara, Atlanta GA:

Amazing experience. Very healing and sacred work. I am in AWE when I participate in this work and Kelly and Chuck bring an integrity to the work which is consistent with Jamy and Peter's work. I am so blessed to be part of this!

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

Kelly, your representation of my grandfather was transformative for me. I can feel his lostness, groundlessness, sadness as I write now. That we found... some peace for him was beyond anything I can describe. The conversation between my grandmother and grandfather was something I believe never happened until this constellation. THIS PIECE OF HEALING I believe is alive in the universe for our family... I am so clear I do not want shunning to exist in this lifetime I am living. There has been a significant shift in our family since the constellation.

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

I saw the possibility of a father-son relationship that I did not think was possible.

Maria B, Atlanta GA:

I had previous experiences of Family Constellations with another facilitator and with Chuck and Kelly too, and I knew how powerful this method is. However this time I tried something new - I asked Kelly to pick the representatives for me. And it was another mind-blowing experience. Whenever you witness or take part in a constellation you can't help being completely amazed by things happening there. But this happened even before the constellation was set up. Kelly was so precise in choosing the representatives as if she knew all my family members personally. It's so hard to logically explain this, so all you are left to do is to trust and flow with the process.

Anonymous, Alberta CA:

I definitely feel more peace and acceptance with my family. I feel like I'm with the strong women in my family. I felt strong before but now I see where I got my strength from, and I never saw them as women of strength. I used to think they were weak and I couldn't stand that about them.

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

The honoring of my father was right on the money. I have already been so ready to do that. Chuck I was grateful you understood how important that is to my father. You guided a beautiful/powerful healing experience. I am forever grateful. It was hard work for me and it seemed for all who were representatives. This is an act of love and service. I will be back to support others and to find more healing for my family.

Sue, North Carolina:

My constellation experience was phenomenal. It changed my thinking about people and situations in general and, as a result, changed my life. Thank you.

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

One day after the constellation, my daughter and I talked with one another like we have never talked before. There was a substantial connection between us.

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

I was able to face some of the fears in my heart that I would not be able to forgive or be close to members of my family. I have now been able to forgive and I am looking forward to becoming even closer to my family than I have been in a very long time.

S. J., Atlanta, GA:

I participated in a powerful constellation for a reunited couple and represented the emotion of "betrayal." Feelings of tension continued to release from all over my body in continuous waves. Upon completion I felt pounds lighter and years younger as we all shifted into love and gratitude.

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

Thank you for facilitating the circle of healing on Saturday. You led us beautifully and found the core of that which was unresolved. Awesome! I am still processing... absorbing the effects... letting the medicine do its good work. I am so struck with gratitude and awe that this group of people chose to come together to presence, hold, and transmute each others pains and the pains of the ancestors. So humbling and at the same time empowering! It is good. Looking forward to more experiences in shared healing.

Anonymous, Atlanta GA:

This work was life-changing for me. I worked on a very personal aspect of my family history resulting in my inability to forgive my father. Since this seminar I no longer harbor hatred of him in my heart. While I probably will never understand the circumstances that gave rise to his actions, this seminar taught me that I don't need to. I only need to accept that this was his journey. And I do. So thank you.

D.J., Myrtle Beach, S.C.:

What I took from the workshop was a sense of relief and an awesome feeling. I found out very clearly that the belief I was handed down from my mother and grandmother about my great-aunt was not true, or shall I say was wrongly perceived by them. The intimate contact I experienced with the representative for my great-aunt blew my mind and my false belief I carried all my life. She was a woman just like me; human and loving not a witch or monster. Other things became clearer about my family dynamic I am thankful now to know. The constellation did not relieve my hearing loss I wanted to work on, but I can see there is more to dig through to get where I can let that go or if not accept what is. I am so glad I came to the workshop in June. Thank you for organizing it.

Lynn Campbell, Healer and Oneness Blessing Giver, Atlanta, GA:

Thank you so much for such a powerful introduction to Family Constellations! I was amazed at how deep we were able to go in just a few hours. I was touched on a soul level to witness the healing and transformation taking place within all of us present and within our lineage. I am looking forward to taking more workshops.... I feel this work is important because as we heal, our ancestors heal and vice versa. As we become happy people, only then can we spread happiness to others. This work brings such powerful insights, compassion, and a greater perspective in such a short time so that we then have the opportunity to truly forgive and bless those we have previously viewed through a limited and distorted lens. Kelly, your sense of humor and compassion helped to set the stage for a relaxed, playful, and yet sacred container. Chuck, your wisdom, gentle guidance, and humility make for a fabulous facilitator! You guys rock as a team! I am deeply grateful. Big love, Lynn

Roland, Healer, Montreal, Canada:

I continue to keep my constellation that we created together in my sacred space so I can let it inspire me and support me. It was significant to see these aspects of myself and place them in a way that I do not feel overwhelmed, but supported. As a facilitator, you were very present and insightful. I would recommend this work to my friends.

Cate Pratt, Healer, Miami, FL:

I want to thank you, your Guides and the Guides of the Constellation Template for a marvelous, healing experience last week. Your work was beautiful, and your ability to hold the space, witness, guide and intuit each ripple and shift was incredibly powerful. Your high degree of integrity and understanding of the process, created a level of comfort for me, as a participant, that allowed me to feel safe as we treaded into some very murky waters. I was frightened, and shared that with you, and you remained grounded and in a place of congruity that helped me to hang on and allow the graceful and grace-filled shift into a place of wholeness and peace. As the energy shifted into its rightful place, I felt like a kid who just learned to ride a bike after the training wheels were taken off…I felt like I was flying…the extent of liberation felt unbounded, and I have experienced a profound sense of peace and safety in the world ever since. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me, and for helping me to expand into new directions.

Beth M., Macon GA:

I just did a Family Constellations Healing Circle with Chuck and Kelly in Atlanta. As a result I experienced a profound peace with what is now and what has been, and a letting go of old resentments and being responsible for the happiness of others. I felt a releasing of guilt and burden from old unresolved relationships. I feel like I have freed up more energy that I can put toward my loved ones and my business.

Jini Tanenhaus, Brooklyn, NY:

My constellation session helped me realign my connections with my family and my purpose after the death of my mother. I've had a greater sense of strength in my own center as a result. It seems to have had lasting effects.

G.K., Santa Barbara, CA:

I just want to say thank you for the Family Constellation session this morning. It was just what I needed and completed a missing part. The part of forgiveness and love. You were gentle and skilled at where you were taking me. May the universe shower you with love, and abundance in all areas of your life.

Wendy Watkins, professional coach, Atlanta, GA:

It was such an enlightening and helpful experience at the Family Constellations circle. It really opened my eyes to the level of relationships I have in my family and the impact that each of them makes on me. It has definitely helped in the healing process.

E.D., Atlanta, GA:

It was lovely to meet you both and WOW that was beautiful profound work! I have already, with such little time together, been profoundly impacted... thank you. I look forward to participating in a day-long session.

Vicki, Atlanta, GA:

Before I participated in Family Constellations, I most often attributed painful family issues and experiences to the actions of one family member, making that person responsible for all of the pain, darkness and sadness in my family. I had a limited view of a complex situation, leading to feelings of anger and depression that even years of counseling could not resolve. Through my experience with Family Constellations, I now view my family in a totally different way, leading to a major shift in mindset from one of blame to one of understanding and thankfulness. When I think of family, I no longer just think of my parents and siblings. I am now mindful of all of my ancestors and the energy and experiences which passed through them to my parents and to me. It's a journey, and the seeds planted during Family Constellations continue to grow.

C.W., Atlanta, GA:

Chuck Cogliandro and Kelly Lyn run the Family Constellations series of workshops. I've taken part in one of the sessions and it was transformative: interacting with other people who represented members of my family, physically feeling the dysfunction and kinetically working it out. It felt like old pain was released at the cellular level. And it felt like some beyond-the-grave healing took place between my father and me, and between him and his first wife (whom I only met twice, briefly, but who colored a lot of the relationship between my parents). It's powerful work, and I highly recommend Chuck as a skilled and caring facilitator.

Lisa Larsen-Moss, Atlanta, GA:

In Chuck's healing work, with both his intuition and his knowledge of energetic patterns in the body as well as in the family dynamic, he leads his clients on a gentle path to healing and peace. His respect, understanding and love of the flow of energy in both music and the healing arts, holds those that work with him such a way, that they too can find their own stream/essence, and live fully.


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